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Hape Rainy Day Catching Set 小雨傘幼兒洗澡玩具

Hape Rainy Day Catching Set 小雨傘幼兒洗澡玩具

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Hape Rainy Day Catching Set
Model no. E0206 EAN: 6943478016897 

用這把傘洗澡:灑水傘的頂部有許多不同大小的雨滴形孔。 您可以舉起灑水傘幫孩子洗澡。
安全玩耍:完全不含 BPA、PVC 和鄰苯二甲酸鹽,由優質塑膠製成,可確保兒童在水中玩耍數小時時安全

RAINY DAY BATH TOY: Featuring a fun umbrella theme, drain water through the holes, catch the three colorful balls.
CONVENIENT STORAGE: After taking a shower, you can put the balls and other bathroom toys in the umbrella for storage, and you can also dry the wet toys.
TAKING SHOWER WITH THIS UMBRELLA: There are many raindrop-shaped holes of different sizes on the top of the sprinkler umbrella. You can lift the sprinkler umbrella to give your kids a shower.
SKILL DEVELOPMENT: This bath toy set will inspire hours of fun with family, while developing your little ones' hand-eye coordination and learning cause and effect.
SAFE TO PLAY WITH: Completely free from BPA, PVC and phthalate and made from high-quality plastic, making them child-safe for hours of playtime in the water

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