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Hape Sunny Valley Adventure Dome 佩佩陽光穀立體迷宮

Hape Sunny Valley Adventure Dome 佩佩陽光穀立體迷宮

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Hape Sunny Valley Adventure Dome  佩佩陽光穀立體迷宮

Product code: E0458 Barcode: 6943478024939 Age: 24M+ Hape Toys Series: Inspiring Education Packing size: 33.6x29.6x15.2cm Product size 33.6x29.6x15.2cm

產品貨號: E0458
年齡: 24個月以上
莉莉鳥喚醒了圓頂下的陽光谷! 用莉莉鳥嘴巴裡的磁鐵吸引彩珠,把彩珠運送到滑梯和其它遊戲設施上,看彩珠子追逐嬉戲。

類別 佩佩和朋友們
產品片數 1
UPC 通用產品代碼 6943478024939
產品尺寸 L: 33.6, W: 29.6, H: 15.2 cm
包裝尺寸 L: 33.6, W: 29.6, H: 15.2 cm


  • Suitable for 2Y and above
  • Lily the bird's job is to wake up Sunny Valley! Use the magnet in her beak to drop beads into the slides and other features under the dome
  • Inside the dome is a magnetic maze with characters from Hape’s Pepe & Friends series: Pepe the puppy, Dante the cat, Lily the bird and Tito the turtle
  • Challenge your friends! Who can drop the most beads in the play features without missing them? Features include a spiral pond, a windmill, two slides, a turning gear and a bell
  • Children can tell a story about what happens in Sunny Valley, great for fine motor-skills and storytelling abilities
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