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Hape Theme Count 主題數配對遊戲

Hape Theme Count 主題數配對遊戲

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Hape Theme Count

Theme Count Matching Game 3 years & up. Children will love this exciting matching game! Organize 8 game playing cards along the top and bottom of the game board. The challenge is to match exact amounts of similar but different items. After play is complete, flip the cards over and on to the game board. A fun and educational game for classroom learning centers! Includes 4 game boards and 32 playing cards (8 per theme). Helps children learn colors, counting and recognition of the numbers 1 to 5. Encourages hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Made of wood, water-based paint and paper.

主題數配對遊戲 3 歲以上。 孩子們一定會喜歡這款令人興奮的配對遊戲! 沿著遊戲板的頂部和底部排列 8 張遊戲紙牌。 挑戰在於匹配精確數量的相似但不同的項目。 遊戲結束後,將卡片翻轉到遊戲板上。 一款適合課堂學習中心的有趣且具有教育意義的遊戲! 包括 4 個遊戲板和 32 張撲克牌(每個主題 8 張)。 幫助孩子學習顏色、計數和識別數字 1 到 5。 由木材、水性塗料和紙張製成。

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