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Hape Visit the Vet Magnetic Book 參觀獸醫磁力書

Hape Visit the Vet Magnetic Book 參觀獸醫磁力書

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Hape Visit the Vet Magnetic Book

Calling all animal lovers! This fantastic magnetic book is perfect for the little boy or girl in your life. Your child will love role playing as a Veterinarian, taking care of all the animal patients, or as a pet owner comforting their sweet puppy or kitty through their visit. Open this magnetic book of pretend play of a visit to the vet. This portable storyboard can help set the scene for a routine animal check-up. Ask the child to name the doctor and the nurse, along with the animals being examined. This will add creativity to their role-play. Includes removable doctor and nurse pieces, a puppy, and various medical instruments to help your child with realistic imaginative play. This product is best suited to children three-years of age and older. Convenient compact design increases portability making this the perfect toy to engage your child-whether at home, on the go, or wherever their imagination takes them! Hape toys are creatively designed and eco-friendly. All products have met, and more often, exceed the strictest international standards for quality and safety to be shared with the current and with future generations.

呼籲所有動物愛好者! 這本精彩的磁性書非常適合您生命中的小男孩或小女孩。 您的孩子會喜歡扮演獸醫的角色,照顧所有動物患者,或作為寵物主人在拜訪期間安慰他們可愛的小狗或小貓。 打開這本關於去看獸醫的假裝遊戲的磁性書。 這款便攜式故事板可以幫助設定例行動物檢查的場景。 請孩子說出醫生和護士的名字,以及接受檢查的動物的名字。 這將為他們的角色扮演增添創造力。 包括可拆卸的醫生和護士部件、小狗和各種醫療器械,可幫助您的孩子進行逼真的富有想像的遊戲。 本產品最適合三歲及以上的兒童。 方便緊湊的設計增加了便攜性,使其成為吸引您的孩子的完美玩具 - 無論是在家裡、在路上,還是在任何他們想像力所及的地方! Hape 玩具設計創意且環保。 所有產品均符合且往往超過最嚴格的國際品質和安全標準,並與當代和子孫後代共享。

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