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Harcourt Pre-Decodable Book American Kindergarten Textbook Enlightenment 37 books

Harcourt Pre-Decodable Book American Kindergarten Textbook Enlightenment 37 books

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Harcourt Pre-Decodable Book American Kindergarten Textbook Enlightenment 37 books 美國幼兒園閱讀教材啟蒙37本套裝

這套分級閱讀材料是引入自世界知名教育出版集團 Harcourt (HMH)的經典分級閱讀材料。這套教材廣受美國各州推薦用於英語學習者。選材十分全面,每個級別均能適當包含各類閱讀主題, 包括虛構故事、非虛構科學、社會和數學故事。內容形式多樣, 不僅有精美的手繪插圖, 還有生動的真實照片。導讀版更特別邀請老師設計閱讀前思考和閱讀後練習的專欄。通過這些科學的設計和精心的安排, 孩子們可以有效拓展閱讀領域和視野, 幫助他們在各個方面積累詞彙和知識。

Harcourt 教育是全球知名的教育出版商之一。Harcourt 的出版內容以校園為基礎,涵蓋從基礎教育到中級教育的各個領域的教學和參考書籍,重點包括閱讀、英語、科學和數學。相比其他大型教育出版社,哈可特的教育圖書更加「專業化」,更注重教育性和實用性。哈可特教育的傳統市場集中在英國、北美和澳大利亞。目前,中南美洲、非洲、歐洲和東南亞的許多學校都在使用哈可特的教科書。其內容涉及故事、科學、社會和數學四大領域。在學習語言的同時,還能啟發學習其他科目,培養孩子的學習策略,鍛煉孩子的思維能力,提高孩子的綜合素質。

37 titles below:

  1. The salad
  2. But I can
  3. The Dig
  4. It Is fun
  5. Is it a fish?
  6. A bug can tug
  7. Sid hid
  8. First day at school
  9. Where's my teddy?
  10. Is it for me?
  11. We can fix
  12. Hop in!
  13. A hat I like
  14. Come in
  15. The party
  16. Tap, tap, tap
  17. The Mat
  18. I nap
  19. Hop on top
  20. A big, big, van
  21. I am
  22. What is in the box?
  23. In a Sub
  24. Pet day
  25. My bus
  26. What can Hop?
  27. Kip the ant
  28. I have, you have
  29. I can see it!
  30. Soup
  31. My pig
  32. The Big Ram
  33. Up, up, up
  34. We go
  35. The park
  36. Sit on my chair
  37. Little cat, big cat

Harcourt Education is one of the world's education publishers. Harcourt's publishing content is based on the school and covers teaching and reference books for all courses of elementary education and intermediate education, focusing on reading, English, science and mathematics.

Compared with other large educational publishing houses, Harcourt educational books are more "specialized" and pay more attention to education and usability. The traditional markets for Harcourt Education are in the UK, North America, and Australia. At present, many schools in Central and South America, Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia are using 

Harcourt's textbooks. The content involves the four major areas of story, science, society and mathematics. While learning languages, it also inspires learning in other subjects, cultivates children's learning strategies, exercises children's thinking skills, and improves children's comprehensive quality.

It is specially developed and produced for children whose mother tongue is not English. The classification is scientific, the system is complete, and the system is strong.

This set of graded reading materials was introduced from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt  Company (HMH), one of the world’s famous educational publishing groups. It is a set of classic graded reading materials. It is widely recommended by all states in the United States for English learners. Word of mouth. It is very comprehensive in the selection of reading content. Each level can appropriately include a variety of reading topics, including fictional stories, non-fictional science, society, and mathematics stories. There are various forms of illustrations, not only exquisite hand-painted pictures, but also real-life photos. The introduction version also specially invited teachers to design columns for thinking before reading and practicing after reading. Through these scientific design and careful arrangement, children can effectively expand their reading range and horizons, and help children accumulate vocabulary and knowledge in various aspects.

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