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Hinkler School Zone Farm Animal Rummy Card Game 農場動物遊戲卡

Hinkler School Zone Farm Animal Rummy Card Game 農場動物遊戲卡

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Hinkler School Zone Farm Animal Rummy Card Game 農場動物遊戲卡

成為第一個打出所有牌的人! 這款經典紙牌遊戲非常可愛的變體可以幫助孩子們提高注意力、識別比賽、獲得自信並培養社交技能。 它還有助於計數、匹配和學習農場動物的名稱。 每張遊戲卡都顯示了一種動物、一個數字和一套花色(紅心、黑桃、鑽石或梅花),向孩子們介紹了傳統的紙牌遊戲。 其中兩張牌是“wild”,可以作為其他人的比賽來玩。 家長卡片展示了遊戲的規則,以及提示和變化。 爸爸媽媽可以玩,哥哥姐姐可以指導弟弟妹妹,或者通過基本介紹,兩個小孩可以互相競爭。 多人遊戲還有助於培養軟技能,包括合作、協作、溝通、團隊合作和同理心。 將此卡包塞入錢包或手提袋中,隨時隨地玩遊戲。

使用我們的抽認卡進行練習測試的孩子和家長正在使用最有效的學習方法之一。 一百年的研究表明,實踐測試極有可能提高記憶保留率。 通過遊戲學習技能是一個很好的策略,原因有很多。 我們為孩子們準備的語言和數學卡片既有趣又能激發靈感,而且通過讓學習看起來像一場遊戲來幫助學生加深理解和推理。 玩耍的感覺可以鼓勵孩子更自由地探索和試驗概念,並可以減輕將功課視為問題的壓力。

Grab a barnyard win down on the farm. Be the first to play all your cards! This very cute variation of a classic card game can help kids improve their concentration, recognize matches, gain confidence, and build social skills. It also helps with counting, matching, and learning farm animal names. Each game card shows an animal, a number, and a suit (heart, spade, diamond, or club), which introduces kids to traditional card play. Two of the cards are “wild” and can be played as a match for others. The Parent Cards present the game’s rules, along with tips and variations. Mom or dad can play, an older sibling can guide a younger one, or with a basic introduction, two little ones can compete with each other. Multiplayer games also help build soft skills including cooperation, collaboration, communication, teamwork, and empathy. Tuck this card pack in purse or tote bag for take-anywhere gameplay.

Kids and parents who use our flashcards for practice testing are using one of the most effective learning techniques available. A hundred years of research shows practice testing is highly likely to boost retention. Learning skills through gameplay is an excellent strategy for many reasons. Our language and math flash cards for kids are fun and motivating, and also tend to help students deepen their understanding and reasoning by making learning seem like a game. A sense of play can encourage kids to explore and experiment with concepts more freely and can reduce the stress of viewing schoolwork as nothing more than problems.

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