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Movable Hula Hoop & Skipping Rope Storage Cart 可移動 呼啦圈跳繩收納車

Movable Hula Hoop & Skipping Rope Storage Cart 可移動 呼啦圈跳繩收納車

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Movable Hula Hoop & Skipping Rope Storage Cart 可移動 呼啦圈跳繩收納車



material: ABS

Size: 115*68*170cm

The perfect storage cart for jump ropes and hula hoops is designed to accommodate various types of hula hoops and provide quick transportation to any desired location. The top section features four hooks that can hold over 200 long jump ropes without tangling. With a dual-layer design, it can hold more than 40 large-sized hula hoops and multiple small-sized hula hoops. The cart is made of durable and crack-resistant ABS material, ensuring sturdiness and preventing rust. Each of the four wheels is equipped with brakes to ensure stability and safety during transportation.

Four 3" ball-bearing casters glide smoothly across floors for easy mobility to and from storage and around the gym. Lock the cart in place when not in use for secure loading/unloading.

Sturdy Design

The cart is made of durable ABS which is stronger than PVC and is also more flexible. This allows the cart to sustain impact without cracking or breaking in an institutional setting. Despite its durability, it's very lightweight at just 23 lb. A stable, sturdy square base prevents the cart from tipping over, even when it's carrying a full load, yet it fits through a standard doorway with ease.

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