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HABA In a Flash Firefighters 邏輯敏捷遊戲

HABA In a Flash Firefighters 邏輯敏捷遊戲

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HABA In a Flash Firefighters 邏輯敏捷遊戲

The sirens are blaring as the In a Flash Firefighters arrive. Just in time too, because the bales of hay on farmer Rudi's farm are on fire! Help try to put out the fire but watch out! The water hoses are all in a jumble. The first person to untangle and lay out their hose tiles to reach the fire is awarded a firefighting medal. But the fire hasn't been completely put out yet! The player who collects three medals wins.

- on each turn, all players participate
- fast moving, racing tile placement game
- includes 4 wooden fire hydrants

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