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Infinite Loop (S) Weplay88軌道

Infinite Loop (S) Weplay88軌道

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Infinite Loop (S)  Weplay88軌道

  • 8字型循環路徑,手部開、合動作改變軌道,接續球的運行。
  • 手、眼、腦的統整運動,增進手臂伸展靈活度。
  • 具通用設計概念,不分年齡皆可使用。
  • The Infinite Loop is a small product with great fun! In the overall shape of figure 8, it is inspired by the philosophy of Oriental Tai-Chi, which explores physical potentials through the essences of movement, symmetry and circulation. Grip the handles with both hands. Try to keep the ball running by repeatedly opening and closing the tracks.
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