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Morphun Junior Xtra Spaceships Set 334 Pcs 幼兒基礎 建構宇宙飛船套裝 334 件

Morphun Junior Xtra Spaceships Set 334 Pcs 幼兒基礎 建構宇宙飛船套裝 334 件

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Morphun Junior Xtra Spaceships Set 334 Pcs 幼兒基礎 建構宇宙飛船套裝 334 件

英國設計 - 波蘭製造
- 榮獲國際大獎的嬰幼兒玩具
- 包含 A3 說明書,
- ASTM 和 EN71 測試。
- 培養創造性遊戲、精細動作技能、手眼協調能力和解決問題的能力
- 兼容其他傳統品牌積木

3-2-1! 飛向我們的創意發現和建造樂趣的星系。 這款屢獲殊榮、色彩繽紛的 334 塊套裝可拼搭出九個世界上絕無僅有的宇宙飛船模型! 比傳統的積木更聰明,不僅可以上下堆疊,側面還可以連接,利用獨有的連接配件把正方形和三角形進行連接。 產品還包括輪子和車軸,因此您可以使製成品滑行移動! 此外,這款 Junior Xtra 套裝還配有“T”和“R”方向變換件,提供了更多連接積木的方式。 由於 Morphun 提供了多種不同的連接方式,因此與其他品牌相比,它構建模型所需的部件更少。 完成後,將所有物品存放在易於攜帶的塑料桶中。 這是向小朋友介紹 STEM 概念的完美玩具。
這套宇宙飛船套裝包含說明書可以激發孩子的想像力,並展示 Morphun 可以提供很多可創造性。 這是全球積木玩具中最好的通用構建塊。 Morphun 的獨特設計能讓小朋友得心應手,取得建構體驗的成功感。 產品可存放在附有的安全塑料箱。

British Design - Made in Poland
-International award winning toys for babies & toddlers
-Included A3 instructions,
-ASTM & EN71 Tested.
-Develop creative play, fine motion skills, hand eye co-ordination & problem solving skills
-Compatible with other traditional brands with studs

3-2-1! Blast off into our galaxy of creative discovery and building fun. This award-winning, colorful, 334-piece set builds nine spaceship models that are out of this world! Build with traditional bricks that stack, side-joining squares and triangles, and connecting pieces. It also includes wheels and axles, so you can make parts move! Plus, this Junior Xtra set feature "T" and "R" direction changer pieces, providing more ways to join bricks. Since Morphun offers so many different ways to connect, it requires fewer pieces to construct models than other sets. When finished, store everything in the easy-to-carry plastic tub. It's a perfect way to introduce STEM concepts to young minds. Add another Morphun set to this one for endless ways to innovate.
Junior Xtra Spaceships Set included additional instructions in the form of a booklet. The colorful step-by-step instructions allow you to spark your child's imagination and show how many possibilities blocks plastic Morphun can offer. This is certainly one of the best universal sets of building blocks. It will meet the expectations of even the most demanding little constructors.
NOTE: The set does not allow you to build all the constructions at once. The colors of the bricks in the set may differ from those shown in the instructions.​

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