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Kindermatic Stepping Tactile Discs Set

Kindermatic Stepping Tactile Discs Set

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Kindermatic Stepping Tactile Discs Set 觸覺盤

包含六款觸感圖案: 動物、水果、交通工具、數字、字母、幾何形狀
每套包含 6個大號觸覺盤、 6個小號觸覺盤、 1個眼罩 及 1個收納袋。
每個觸覺盤均採用耐用塑膠精心製作,以提供長期耐用性和可靠的使用。 適合室內和室外玩耍,您可以將它們放置在地毯、瓷磚和草地上。
這些觸覺盤具有不同的陡度,可幫助孩子提高確定高度和距離的能力! 激發孩子跳躍、攀爬、伸展和平衡等全身運動。
在遊戲方面,光碟提供了無數的可能性,從觸覺結構的基本感知到基於記憶和識別的蒙眼遊戲。 遊戲可以進行調整,以適合孩子的年齡和功能水平。
尺寸: 大號 27cm; 小號 10cm

Contains six tactile patterns: animals, fruits, vehicles, numbers, letters, geometric shapes
Each set includes 6 large tactile plates, 6 small tactile plates, 1 eye mask and 1 storage bag.
Each tactile disc is crafted from durable plastic to provide long-term durability and reliable use. Suitable for indoor and outdoor play, you can place them on carpets, tiles and grass.
These tactile discs come in varying steepness to help children improve their ability to determine height and distance! Inspire your child to jump, climb, stretch and balance with full-body movements.
In terms of gaming, the disc offers countless possibilities, from basic perception of tactile structures to blindfolded games based on memory and recognition. Games can be adapted to suit the child's age and functional level.
Size: Large 27cm; Small 10cm

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