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KADAMS Visual Timer 可視時間提示器

KADAMS Visual Timer 可視時間提示器

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KADAMS Visual Timer for Kids with Audio Pre-Alarm

KADAMS 兒童可視時間提示器帶音頻提示 - 兒童紅綠燈提示幼兒教師課堂家庭時間管理工具 24 小時倒數暫停記憶功能 - 藍色

用於時間管理的視覺音訊計時器:使用 Kadams 視覺音訊計時器以簡單有趣的方式教導您的孩子獨立。數位時鐘可倒數長達 24 小時,其視覺概念可幫助孩子你管理在家中或學校的玩耍和學習時間
聲音提示:兒童時間追蹤器配備可選(開/關)提示聲音,並在時間到時自動停用。它有 6 級音量控制,最大音量可達 85 分貝。該定時器還具有 180 美分彩色顯示器、易於閱讀的 LCD 顯示器和視覺訊號,並為有特殊需求的用戶提供可選的聲音訊號
易於攜帶的鬧鐘,具有 180 美分的彩色顯示器:Kadams 的兒童時間提示器重量輕,便於攜帶。其易於閱讀的 LCD 顯示器從整個房間都可見,非常適合作為學校、教室、托兒中心、托兒所、日託中心和家庭的有用學習和時間管理工具。

KADAMS Visual Timer for Kids with Audio Pre-Alarm - Traffic Light Alarm for Kids Toddler Teachers Classroom Home Time Management Tool 24hr Countdown Pause Memory Function - Blue

Visual Audio Timer for Time Management: Teach your kids independance in a simple and fun way with Kadams visual audio timer. The digital clock has countdown up to of 24 hours and its visual concept helps kids manage their play and study time at home or school
Gamified Concept: The stoplight alarm with red, yellow, and green lights indicate let¡¦s go, nearly there, and stop. The clock is easy to operate and requires only setting the alarm volume, time, and pressing the start button to begin the countdown
Audible Sound Alert: The time tracker for kids comes with optional (on/off) alarm sound and automatic deactivation when time is up. It has 6 levels of volume control with the loudest being up to 85 db. The timer also features 180¢X color viewing, an easy to read LCD display screen and visual signals with optional acoustic sound for those with special needs
Easy-to-carry Alarm with 180¢X Color Viewing: The kids¡¦ time tracker from Kadams is lightweight and portable. Its easy to read LCD display screen is visible from across the room and is perfect as a useful learning and time management tool for schools, classrooms, childcare centres, creche, daycare, and at home.
Ideal for all Ages and Abilities: The visual alarm timer comes with optional acoustic sound and helps to provide a calm transition from one activity to another. It is ideal for parents, teachers, professionals, students and children. It encourages independence and productivity for those with disabilities or with special needs such as autism, adhd, or for those with partial or total hearing impairment. Use a small cross shape Philips to undo and screw (anti-clockwise)

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