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Kumon Thinking Skills - Logic K & Up 公文式思考能力練習 - 邏輯

Kumon Thinking Skills - Logic K & Up 公文式思考能力練習 - 邏輯

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Kumon Thinking Skills - Logic K & Up 公文式思考能力練習 - 邏輯





  • 進行比較
  • 模式
  • 真實與假設
  • 得出結論
  • 平裝
  • 80頁
  • 彩色
  • 11 ⅔ × 8 ¼ 英寸(21 x 29.8 公分)

Kumon Thinking Skills Workbooks are designed to strengthen critical thinking skills that are important for students' success in school and life! Workbooks feature step-by-step instructions and colorful, enjoyable activities.

Kumon Thinking Skills: Logic focuses on real or pretend activities, pattern recognition, and reasoning activities. Students will identify the picture that comes next in a pattern, complete mazes by connecting patterns of pictures, identify a missing picture based on a pattern, and more. Answer key (reduced-size student pages with overlaid answers) and Certificate of Achievement included in the back. 

Introduce your child to logical problem solving with our Kindergarten Logic Workbook. He or she will fall in love with learning while making comparisons, completing patterns, determining real versus pretend, and drawing conclusions.

Topics include:

  • Making ComparisonsPatterns
  • Real Versus Pretend
  • Drawing Conclusions
  • paperback
  • 80 pages
  • full color
  • 11 ⅔ × 8 ¼ inches (21 x 29.8cm)
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