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Kumon Thinking Skills LogicWorkbooks Pre-K & Up 思維技能邏輯練習冊 學齡前+

Kumon Thinking Skills LogicWorkbooks Pre-K & Up 思維技能邏輯練習冊 學齡前+

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Kumon Thinking Skills Workbooks Pre-K & Up 思維技能邏輯練習冊 學齡前+

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• 進行比較
• 圖案規律
• 真實與虛假
• 得出結論

Paperback. 80 pages. color.

The development of thinking skills is crucial to child's education. Thus, Thinking Skills Workbook strengthens critical thinking skills through different exercises such as mazes, comparisons, puzzles and matching etc.. This is essential for your child's success in school and also their life in the future. With our effective step-by-step method and various activities, your child will enjoy each page of the book.

Introduce your child to logical problem solving with our Thinking Skills Logic Workbook. He or she will fall in love with learning while making comparisons, completing patterns, determining real versus pretend, and drawing conclusions.

Topics include:

• Making Comparisons
• Patterns
• Real Versus Pretend
• Drawing Conclusions

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