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Learning Resources Garden Fresh Salad Set

Learning Resources Garden Fresh Salad Set

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Learning Resources Garden Fresh Salad Set
Product code: LER9745

使用我們全新的花園新鮮沙拉套裝,用豐富的蔬菜製作四人沙拉! 即使是最挑剔的食客也會高興地假裝製作並吃這種沙拉! 使用大碗,幼兒可以將混合生菜、番茄片、黃瓜片、胡蘿蔔片和辣椒圈攪拌在一起,然後用尺寸合適的沙拉鉗盛入四個小碗中。 所有玩具食品均由柔軟、耐用的橡膠塑膠製成,具有真實的外觀和觸感。 從一開始就鼓勵健康的飲食習慣,並透過這套開胃的套裝來教導服務和分享的概念! 使用尺寸完美的鉗子,小朋友可以練習抓握(精細動作)技能,同時將食物放入碗中可以增強手眼協調能力。

Make salad for four with veggies galore with our new Garden Fresh Salad Set! Even the pickiest eater will happily pretend to create and eat this salad! Using the large serving bowl, toddlers can toss up mixed lettuce greens with tomato and cucumber slices, carrot crinkles and pepper rings, and serve into four small individual bowls with perfectly sized salad tongs. All of the play food items are made of soft, durable, rubberized plastic with a real-life look and feel. Encourage healthy eating habits from the start and teach the concepts of serving and sharing with this appetizing set! Using the perfectly sized tongs, little ones will practice their gripping (fine-motor) skills, while placing the food items in the bowls strengthens hand-eye coordination.

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