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Learning Resources I Sea 10 ! Math Game

Learning Resources I Sea 10 ! Math Game

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I Sea 10! ? Math Game
Item # LER1771 | Ages 6+

Strengthen number sense with this 10-based game
EDUCATIONAL & FUN: Builds addition and social skills
EASY TO LEARN: Make combinations of number cards to add up to 10. Player with the most 10s wins
EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Includes 90 number cards and 10 Shark cards
GREAT FOR SCHOOL AGE KIDS: Ideal for ages 6 and up

Reel in addition skills by catching combinations of 10! Players take turns flipping cards to show numbers and shout out "I see 10!" when they see combinations of numbers that together make 10. Collect the most 10s and win! Beware of the hungry Shark cards, pull one and your whole catch goes back!

Includes 100 cards (90 number cards and 10 Shark cards).

Box measures 3.5"L x 3.5"W x 6"L.

透過這款以 10 為基礎的遊戲增強數位感
教育與教育 樂趣:培養附加技能和社交技能
簡單易學:將數字卡組合起來,總和為 10。10 最多的玩家獲勝
您需要的一切:包括 90 張數位卡和 10 張鯊魚卡
非常適合學齡兒童:適合 6 歲及以上兒童

透過捕捉 10 個組合來獲得額外技能! 玩家輪流翻牌顯示數字並大喊“我看到10!” 當他們看到數字組合在一起等於 10 時。 小心飢餓的鯊魚卡,拉一張,你的全部捕獲物就會回來!

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