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Learning Resources Rainbow Sorting Crayons

Learning Resources Rainbow Sorting Crayons

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Rainbow Sorting Crayons
Item # LER3070 | Ages 3+

PROMOTE fine motor and organizational skills through hands on learning
Sorting and grouping are key early math skills made more appealing with the kid-pleasing colors in this set.
ENCOURAGES color identification, vocabulary, patterning, and counting
Set includes 8 cardboard crayons with plastic lids - brown, red, yellow, green, purple, pink, blue, orange, 48 manipulative total and Storage box.
Ages 3+

A rainbow of play possibilities comes packed inside these giant crayons. Crayons invite children to peek inside each crayon and discover different color-coded figurines for matching, sorting, and imaginative play.

Learning Style: Visual, Tactile

Skill Development:
Basic Concepts - Help students to identify the names of colors and objects, learn about quantities, create sequences, and understand spatial relationships such as next to, behind, and in front of.
Math - An ideal way to introduce sorting and grouping. Add more fun by counting as each piece is dropped into a crayon tube or create patterns with the objects to introduce AB patterning.
Organization - Forty-eight objects separated into 8 colored crayon tubes introduce early organizational skills. Clean-up becomes part of the activity by putting all of the objects into their respective crayons.
8 Cardboard crayons with plastic lids - brown, red, yellow, green, purple, pink, blue, orange
48 Manipulatives total
Storage box
Each crayon measures 9.5'' L x 2.5'' D.

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