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Learning Resources Ruff's House Teaching Tactile Set

Learning Resources Ruff's House Teaching Tactile Set

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Ruff's House Teaching Tactile Set
Item # LER9079 | Ages 3+

Reach in and feel all the textures! Help the fuzzy dog find all the bones he hid in his doghouse. All bones are textured and made out of rubber or cloth and feature smooth, silky, scratchy, bumby, ridged, and more textures.

Learning Style: Visual, Tactile

Skill Development:
Language - Learning how to identify the textures of Ruff's bones in words helps students expand their descriptive language abilities.
Fine Motor - Grasping, exploring, and manipulating the different textured bones leads students to further develop their ability to use their fingers and hands purposefully and improve manual dexterity.
Math - Ruff has 20 bones. How many does he have left if he hides 3 in his house? There are two bones outside and two bones inside Ruff's house. How many does he have in all? Early math games can prepare students for math success and Ruff and his bones are ready to play.
Ruff the dog
20 bones (10 textures- 2 of each texture)
Activity Guide
Doghouse measures 5" L x 5" W x 5" H, and each bone measures 2" L.

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