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Ball Cart Square for Toddlers 幼兒球車 正方形

Ball Cart Square for Toddlers 幼兒球車 正方形

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Ball Cart Square for Toddlers 幼兒球車 正方形

高度矮,方便小朋友拿取,大容量可以容納更多的球 , 四隻萬向輪帶有刹車功能


Size: 90*90*60cm

Material: ABS

The cart is designed with a low height, making it easy for children to reach and access. It has a large capacity to accommodate more balls. The four swivel wheels of the cart are equipped with brakes for added convenience and safety. Made of ABS material, it features a classic blue and white color combination. The cart has a larger volume, allowing it to hold even more balls. With its compact and exquisite design, it is highly favored by children. With a height of 60cm, children can easily reach their favorite balls. The spacious capacity can store a large number of balls. The fence design is user-friendly and prevents children's hands or heads from getting stuck. This cart can hold up to 30 size 4 basketballs.

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