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Magnetic Match Rings 磁性配對環

Magnetic Match Rings 磁性配對環

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Magnetic Match Rings 磁性配對環

Magnetic Match Rings is the fun way to learn about magnetism, help develop visual matching skills, and improve eye-hand cooridnation.

Each ring is magnetic, one side positive and the other negative.

When you stack the rings, they either attract the next ring (snap together), or repel the next ring (push apart or cause it to float), creating a space in the stack.

To Play:

Slect one of the 50 pattern matching challenges and stack the magnetic rings int he exact same color order as shown on the card.

If a card shows rings that are floating (not touching), your rings must also be floating. Have fun matching!

Warning - Choking Hazard - Small Parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.





選擇 50 個圖案匹配挑戰之一,並將磁環按照與卡片上所示完全相同的顏色順序堆疊。

如果卡片顯示戒指是浮動的(不接觸),那麼您的戒指也必須是浮動的。 祝你搭配愉快!

警告 - 窒息危險 - 小零件。 不適合 3 歲以下兒童。

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