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Soft Blocks Macaron Set of 17件 感統體能訓練組合

Soft Blocks Macaron Set of 17件 感統體能訓練組合

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Grampus Soft Blocks Macaron Set of 17件 馬卡龍感統體能訓練組合



Material: PU+Sponge 海綿內芯

騎士柱:棒100*30*30cm 基座50*20*30cm、三階梯:80*40*30cm、U型底座:50*25*30cm、跳馬組合:80*40*60cm、搖搖船:80*60*35cm、半圓:100*50*25cm、折疊墊:160*80*5cm、圓筒+基底:80*80*70cm、半圓柱:80*80*70cm

The different-shaped soft pads provide children with a variety of learning opportunities and fun. Whether it's crawling, walking, running, jumping, balancing, or rolling, these pads offer different gameplays and cater to various developmental needs. Each component can be used independently for games, and when combined, they offer additional play options, maximizing their value. These pads meet the high demand for physical activities in children, promoting overall body coordination and balance. They allow children to learn through play. All components are made of high-density foam and artificial leather material, making them easy to clean and wipe.

Size: Knight column: rod 100*30*30cm, base 50*20*30cm, three steps: 80*40*30cm, U-shaped base: 50*25*30cm, vault combination: 80*40*60cm, rocking boat: 80 *60*35cm, semicircle: 100*50*25cm, folding pad: 160*80*5cm, cylinder + base: 80*80*70cm, half cylinder: 80*80*70cm

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