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Masterkidz Art & Craft Station 美術儲物櫃

Masterkidz Art & Craft Station 美術儲物櫃

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Masterkidz Art & Craft Station 美術儲物櫃

Model: ME14504

美術儲物櫃(Art & Craft Station)足夠大,可以輕鬆容納您的所有手工藝材料。它的高度為800毫米,深度為595毫米,寬度為845毫米。設計上,它可以容納水盆、畫筆和顏料,頂部有一個深盤,可以事先放好所有課程所需的必要物品。在下方,有三個架子提供充足的空間來存放膠水、筆、布料、紙張、鉛筆、蠟筆、剪刀等等。背部巧妙設計的支架可以容納卷筒紙。藝術和手工藝資源的組織和展示將立即集中在一起。此外,當某種物品的庫存開始不足時,可以立即看到以便補充。平滑可鎖定的腳輪可以使手推車移動到需要的地方,包括在教室之間共用。放置後,鎖定裝置使其保持穩定,防止溢漏。


  • 深盤頂部設計可容納顏料和水盆
  • 穩定 - 高度800毫米,寬度845毫米
  • 下方設有存儲空間,可容納各種藝術資源
  • 背部提供紙張卷筒的存儲空間
  • 配備平滑滑動的可鎖定腳輪
  • 可單獨購買透明塑料畫筆架以適配該單元
  • 可輕鬆推動到需要的地方,或在使用後放回櫥櫃
  • 鎖定腳輪時,單元非常穩定
  • 由優質樺木製成
  • 使用防水清漆進行精心加工,可以用濕布擦拭清潔。


The Art & Craft Station is large enough to hold all of your craft materials in one place with ease. It is 800mm tall, 595mm deep and 845mm wide. Designed to hold water, pots and paint the top has a deep tray so that all of the essentials for a session can be presented there in readiness before the action begins. Underneath, there is plenty of space on 3 shelves for the storage of glue, pens, fabric, paper, pencils, crayons, scissors and so much more. A cleverly designed rack at the back will hold paper rolls too. The organisation and presentation of art and craft resources will be immediately centralised. In addition, when stocks of something begin to run low they are immediately visible for restocking. Smooth lockable castors enable the movement of the trolley to wherever needed including sharing between classrooms. Once in place, the locks hold it rigid to prevent spillages.

  • A deep top tray is designed to hold paint and water pots
  • Stable - 800mm tall 845mm wide
  • Includes storage space below to accommodate various art resources 
  • Storage space at the rear is provided for rolls of paper
  • Includes smooth glide lockable castors
  • Clear plastic paint pot holders can be purchased separately to fit the unit
  • Can be easily wheeled to wherever required or returned into a cupboard after use
  • When castors are locked the unit is very stable
  • Made of high-quality birch plywood
  • Waterproof varnish finish so it can be wiped clean using a damp cloth

Size (cm): L:85 W:60 H:80

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