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Masterkidz Duplex Tables & Chairs Wooden 樂學木製桌椅系列

Masterkidz Duplex Tables & Chairs Wooden 樂學木製桌椅系列

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Masterkidz Duplex Tables & Chairs Wooden 樂學木製桌椅系列

Duplex solid wooden tables have off-set legs that splay to provide a wider base that is more stable in use. They are a universally useful classroom essential. Made to suit differently aged children, they come in 3 different heights (380mm, 455mm and 535mm). Featuring smooth edges and plywood legs, a 15mm solid birch ply top is laminated with hard wearing white Melamine surface providing a clean ultra-tough surface for all kinds of uses (study, artwork, eating etc.) Highly resistant to scratching and easy to clean. The top measures 600 x 600mm.

Size (cm): L:60 W:60 H:46

Duplex Wooden Chairs in a natural wood finish. These chairs  are design matched to the Duplex Tables with their stylish curves and clear varnish finish revealing the environmentally certified Poplar  wood below. The design focusses upon angles to increase stability whilst promoting good posture and comfort. They are made for pre-schoolers aged 2 to 5 years and come in 3 sizes - 230, 250 and 290mm. Fitted with a silicon foot they will not mark the floor and are quiet if moved.


  • Modern preschool classroom chairs, set of 2
  • Glossy wood finish
  • Kid-friendly rounded safety edges
  • Curved legs to prevent tipping
  • Extra under-seat and leg bracing with anti-slip silicon foot caps
  • Holds up to 200 lbs. Static weight capacity per chair
  • Greenguard-certified wood for low VOCs



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