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Masterkidz Hexagonal Cozy Corner 六角安靜角落

Masterkidz Hexagonal Cozy Corner 六角安靜角落

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Masterkidz Hexagonal Cozy Corner 六角安靜角落



尺寸(厘米):長138 寬121 高35

Create a sanctuary of peaceful contemplation in your room. These two stylish pieces of classroom furniture are both designed to provide a quiet place for children to unwind, read books, talk to their friends and relax. Both items are made from comfortable foam, covered with wipe clean vinyl. The Quiet Corner is ideal for a single child or for a couple of children relaxing together. The Hexagonal Cozy Corner can accept 4 children and comes with 6 colour coded cushions (also covered with vinyl). 


  • Soft floor-level group seating area
  • Space for up to 4 children
  • Includes 8 cushions and base mats covered made from vinyl covered foam
  • Vinyl cushions can be wiped clean with a damp cloth
  • A stylish group seating resource for any classroom or library
  • Size: 1382mm wide, 1212mm deep and 351mm tall

Product Dimensions:

Size (cm): L:138 W:121 H:35

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