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Masterkidz Norwood H620 × L800 x D300mm Shelving Unit Wooden 實木層櫃

Masterkidz Norwood H620 × L800 x D300mm Shelving Unit Wooden 實木層櫃

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Masterkidz Norwood H620 × L800 x D300mm Shelving Unit Wooden 實木層櫃

Norwood 2層書櫃(800mm寬 x 620mm高 x300mm寬)。這款層櫃採用耐用的樺木複合板製成,是任何教室的必備品。該產品以最高的強度和表面處理水平製造,能夠承受高達200磅的靜態重量,非常適合放置書籍、玩具、教學資源、展示物品或者特定主題的裝飾品。所有邊緣均經過加工和圓角處理,表面永久密封處理,並塗有多層清漆。只需用濕布擦拭,即可清除任何灰塵或污垢。這款書櫃提供9種不同的背板選擇,以完美配合您的空間,包括無背板(允許雙面輕鬆存取)、樺木背板(營造自然外觀)、6種透明亞克力顏色可供選擇(增添光彩或與您的色彩方案相配 - 紅色、綠色、橙色、黃色、藍色和透明),或者選擇鏡面反射背板,為您帶來額外的視覺效果!還可單獨購買量身定制的柳編籃和透明托盤進行組合整理。


  • 模塊化的木質教室儲物單元
  • 無背板,可雙面輕鬆存取
  • 工程樺木複合板
  • 可供幼兒至小學早期使用的可觸及高度
  • 圓角設計,防止意外接觸造成擦傷
  • Greenguard認證木材,有助於改善空氣質量
  • 抗黃變、抗污漬和抗刮損
  • 承重高達200磅的靜態重量
  • 附帶材料,快速且容易組裝
  • 使用濕布擦拭即可清潔

尺寸(厘米):長80 寬30 高62

Norwood 2 Shelf Bookcase (800w x 620h). Made from hard wearing birch plywood this shelf unit is a must for any classroom. Made to the highest levels of strength and finish it can hold up to 200Lbs of static weight making it ideal for books, toys, resources, display items or topic-focused fascinators. All edges are machined and rounded off and a multi-layered varnish applied sealing the surface permanently. Any dirt or dust can be wiped off using a damp cloth. There are 9 different choices of backing for these units to match your space perfectly including no backing (permitting easy access from 2 sides), a plywood backing (giving a natural look), a choice of 6 clear acrylic colours (to add sparkle or to match your colour scheme - red, green, orange, yellow, blue and clear) or for that extra dimension - a mirrored reflective backing! Made to measure wicker baskets and clear trays are available to purchase separately.


  • Modular wooden classroom storage unit
  • No backing permitting easy access from 2 sides
  • Engineered birch plywood
  • Reachable height ideal for toddlers through early elementary
  • Rounded edges prevent abrasions from accidental contact
  • Greenguard-certified wood for healthier air quality
  • Resists yellowing, stains, and scratches
  • Holds up to 200 Lbs. Static weight capacity
  • Quick and easy assembly with included materials
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth

Product Dimensions:

Size (cm): L:80 W:30 H:62

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