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Masterkidz Open Back Mobile Shelving Unit 移動中空層櫃

Masterkidz Open Back Mobile Shelving Unit 移動中空層櫃

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 ME24084 - Masterkidz H620 × L400 x W400 Open Back Mobile Shelving Unit 移動中空層櫃

ME24091 - Masterkidz H800 × L400 x W400 Open Back Mobile Shelving Unit 移動中空層櫃

這個推動式移動中空層櫃有各種尺寸和不同的層架配置。 它們將極大地增加任何繁忙的托兒所或教室環境的存取,在任何需要的地方提供存儲空間。 借助易於滑動的可鎖定腳輪,可以將它們推出並鎖定到位以確保安全。 它們由樺木層製成,非常堅固,額定可承受 100 磅的靜態重量。 它們塗有“Greenguard”塗層,可提供堅韌的表面,抵抗刮痕、污漬、紫外線或損壞。

  • 由樺木層實心製成
  • 靜態承重超過 100 磅
  • 可鎖定腳輪
  • 通用儲存單元
  • 2 種設計:620H 和 800H – 附 2 或 3 個層架
  • 所有邊緣均圓潤光滑
  • 表面塗有堅韌的防刮擦和抗紫外線清漆

These push along mobile open-backed  units come in various sizes and with different configurations of shelving. They will add greatly to the organisation and storage of any busy nursery or classroom setting, providing storage space wherever needed. With easy-glide lockable castors they can be wheeled out and locked into place for security. Made from Birch ply they are very strong and rated to take up to 100lbs of static weight. They are coated with 'Greenguard' which provides a toughened surface resisting scratches, staining, UV light or damage. 


  • Solidly made from Birch ply
  • Over 100lbs static weight bearing
  • Lockable castors
  • General purpose storage units
  • 2 designs: 620H and 800H  – with 2 or 3 shelves
  • All edges rounded and smooth
  • Finished with tough scratch and UV resistant varnish

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