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Masterkidz Otto Beech Wood Chair Stackable 可堆疊櫸木椅

Masterkidz Otto Beech Wood Chair Stackable 可堆疊櫸木椅

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Masterkidz Otto Beech Wood Chair Stackable 可堆疊櫸木椅
Otto 系統椅子由超堅固的山毛櫸製成。 它們舒適且耐磨。 座椅和靠背由山毛櫸層板製成,框架由實心山毛櫸製成。 它們可以堆疊起來(最多 5 層),以便於存放。 它們有 3 種高度:220、260 和 300 毫米,非常適合 2 至 5 歲的兒童。 它們塗上多層耐磨清漆,可以在需要時擦拭乾淨。 柔軟的腳意味著它們不會在地板上留下痕跡,移動時也很安靜。 定期用濕布擦拭乾淨並晾乾,以保持教室座椅的外觀。

  • 自然且時尚的幼稚園教室椅
  • 有光澤的木質飾面
  • 適合兒童的圓形安全邊緣
  • 彎曲的腿可防止翻倒
  • 可承受 200 磅的重量。 每張椅子的靜態承重能力
  • 經過 Greenguard 認證的低 VOC 木材
Otto Stacking Solid Beech Chair. These general purpose chairs are made from ultra strong beech. They are comfortable and hard wearing. The seat and back are made from beech ply, the frame is made from solid beech. They can be stacked away (up to 5 high) for easy storage. They come in 3 heights 220, 260 and 300mm making them ideal for children from 2 to 5 years of age. They are finished in a multi-layered hard wearing varnish and can be wiped clean whenever required. Soft feet means they won't mark the floor and are quite when moved. Regularly wipe clean with a damp cloth and dry to maintain the appearance of your classroom seating.
  • Modern preschool classroom chairs
  • Glossy wood finish
  • Kid-friendly rounded safety edges
  • Curved legs to prevent tipping
  • Holds up to 200 lbs. Static weight capacity per chair
  • Greenguard-certified wood for low VOCs

Product Dimensions:

ME24404 338×280×435 座高 Seat height 220mm
ME20413 338×310×490 座高 Seat height 260mm
ME24411 355×320×550 座高Seat height  300mm
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