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Masterkidz STEM Activity Table STEM活動桌

Masterkidz STEM Activity Table STEM活動桌

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Masterkidz STEM Activity Table STEM活動桌

ME20925 - 930L STEM Activity Table Size: 930L×678W×520H

ME25319 - 1130L STEM Activity Table Size: 1130L×878W×520H

STEM活動桌 是任何學前班或小學教室的理想設備,可與其他 STEM Wall 配件玩具(釘子、形狀、瓷磚、積木)一起使用。 使用低水平表面,孩子們可以坐著或站著、單獨或成群地工作。 這些桌子堅固且足夠大,足以讓孩子們創造出實質的設計或解決方案。 桌子兩側的內建托盤可輕鬆存放適合任務的組件。

STEM活動桌 有足夠的空間來使用旋入式齒輪、滑輪、驅動器等創建工作機械模型。還有支架可以添加垂直牆,以便也可以在 3 維中建造項目! 有 930 毫米和 1130 毫米寬、深 678 毫米 2 種尺寸可供選擇。

An ideal addition to any pre-school or primary classroom, the STEM Table is populated with STEM tiles for use with the extensive range of STEM resources. Using a low horizontal surface, children can work seated or standing, alone or in groups. The tables are robust and large enough for children to create substantial designs or solutions. In-built trays either side of the table allow for easy storage of components appropriate to the task.

With numerous large format push-in resources available (pegs, shapes, tiles, building bricks), the tables present the perfect area for toddlers to build, explore and discover. Ideal for the development of their fine motor skills and to experience STEM for the first time. 

For older children there is ample space to create working mechanical models using screw-in gears, pulleys, drives etc. There are brackets to enable a vertical WALL to be added so that projects can be built in 3 dimensions too! Available in 2 sizes 930mmm and 1130mm wide and both 678mm deep.



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