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Masterkidz STEM Wall Building Bricks Set 大顆粒積木磚套裝

Masterkidz STEM Wall Building Bricks Set 大顆粒積木磚套裝

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Masterkidz STEM Wall Building Bricks Set 大顆粒積木磚套裝

將積木壓裝到 Masterkidz STEM WALL 上為孩子們提供了一種快速、輕鬆地創建彩色圖案和圖片的有趣方式。 活動引人入勝,有助於幼兒提升操作準確性和精細動作控制能力。 Masterkidz 大顆粒積木磚套裝 均與樂高大顆粒, Hubelino, Morphun...相容,物超所值,可在同一個 Masterkidz 底板表面上使用。 提供 3 款不同件數 135、359 和 563 件套裝  

Press-fitting bricks onto a surface provides a rewarding way for children to create colourful patterns and pictures quickly and easily. Activities are endlessly engaging and help young children to develop better handling accuracy and fine motor control. The Masterkidz range of colourful bricks comes in different bumper sets, providing exceptional value for money. Compatible with LEGO DUPLO, both ranges can be used on the same Masterkidz baseplate surface. Available in 3 large sets - 135, 359 and 563 components.

Masterkidz STEM Wall Building Brick Baseplate 大顆粒積木磚底板

積木磚底板是任何 STEM 牆的巧妙補充,只需將其推入任何 Masterkidz STEM WALL 產品 上,即可變身成為積木磚底板。 建構大顆粒積木套裝  Building Block Set 和滑球系統  Kinetic Ball TraX 產品亦可以兼容 樂高大顆粒 (LEGO DUPLO) , Hubelino, Morphun...等等品牌的積木磚 

有單件裝或 4 件多件裝可供選擇。 底板尺寸:400 x 400mm。

Ingenious addition to any STEM WALL, the Building Brick Baseplate simply push fits onto any STEM Tile providing a surface onto which Building Bricks can be press fitted. The surface pattern also provides a connection to Building Block Set and Kinetic Ball TraX Set.

The STEM Wall Building Brick Baseplate also compatible with LEGO DUPLO Hubelino, Morphun bricks... 

Available in singles or as a multipack of 4 pieces. Baseplate size: 400 x 400mm. 

ME25302 - Building Brick Baseplate 4 Piece Set 大顆粒底板4件套

ME28976 - Building Brick Baseplate 1 Piece Set 大顆粒底板1件套

Product Dimensions:

Size (cm): L:40 W:40 H:12

Size (inch): L:16 W:16 H:5

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