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Masterkidz Time Teaching Board 時鐘學習板

Masterkidz Time Teaching Board 時鐘學習板

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Masterkidz Time Teaching Board 時鐘學習板

SKU: MK11145 | Age 3+

這個漂亮的巨型教學時鐘具備展示如何報時的所需所有功能。它包括一個模擬錶面,帶有小時和分鐘,以及可以旋轉以顯示任何時間的指針。指針的行為與正確的時鐘面完全相同——因此當分針旋轉 60 分鐘時,時針會向前移動一小時。此外,下面的數字時鐘面可以使用磁磚填充,以精確數字顯示時間。孩子們可以先放置這些磁磚,然後設置模擬時鐘面以適應或反之亦然。AM/PM 平板電腦也可用于解釋 24 小時制。

尺寸(公分):長:28 寬:28 高:44

This beautiful giant teaching clock has all the features you need to demonstrate how to tell the time. It includes an analogue face with hours and minutes and hands that can be rotated to show any time. The hands behave exactly as a proper clock face – so as the minute hand is rotated through 60 minutes, the hour hand moves forward one hour. In addition, a digital clockface below can be populated with tiles to show the time as precise digits. Children can place these first and then set the analogue clockface to suit or vice versa. An AM/PM tablet can be used to explain the 24 hour clock too. 

Size (cm): L:28 W:28 H:4

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