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Masterkidz Water Chute Ball Run 水流遊戲

Masterkidz Water Chute Ball Run 水流遊戲

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Masterkidz Water Chute & Ball Run 水流遊戲

ME31358 Super Water Chute/Ball Run (151 components) 水流遊戲151件套
ME31365 Water Chute/Ball Run (92 components) 水流遊戲92件套

水流遊戲 組件均包含可讓兒童自製水道或球道的元件。這些通道並非預先設計,而是需要由兒童仔細考慮、設計和製作。他們可以進一步完善,使其運作更順暢。這是實實在在的STEM實踐!這兩套組件都包含大量元件,可以組成各種不同的配置。每套組件中的零件相同,但大套裝含有更多元件和一些更長(1米)的通道。它們附有管架和螺釘,可輕易地安裝在任何STEM牆上,並有各種組件,可使球或水的路徑更加有趣。有風車和水輪、水阻塞器和端蓋,還有一個大漏斗用於接水或啟動球道。哪個兒童小組能夠製作出最有趣的球路徑,或使球從STEM牆頂部到底部所需時間最長? 這是一個非常出色的開放式工程實踐。


  • 令人興奮的球道或水道

  • 兒童可建構自己的設計

  • 包括眾多組件和球體

  • 包括一些有趣的附加組件,使路徑更加精彩

  • 風車、水輪、水阻塞器、端蓋和一個大漏斗

The 2 Half Water Channels sets both include components which are designed to enable children to make their own water chutes or ball runs. The runs are not prescribed, but need to be carefully considered, designed and made by the children. They can then refine them to make them work even better. This is real STEM in action! Both sets contain large numbers of components offering possibilities to make endless different configurations. The pieces contained in each set are the same, but the larger set contains more components and some longer (1m) channels. They come with pipe holders and screws for easy fixing to any STEM Wall and a variety of components to make the ball or water journey more exciting. There are windmills and waterwheels, water stoppers and end caps plus a large funnel to catch the water or to start a ball run. Which group of children can make the most interesting journey for a ball, or make the ball take the longest time to travel from the top of the STEM Wall to the bottom? A wonderful piece of open-ended engineering in action.


     •  Exciting ball or water chute run

     •  Children can build their own designs

     •  Includes numerous components and balls

     •  Includes some interesting additions to make the journey even more interesting 

     •  Windmills, waterwheels, water stoppers, end caps and a large funnel 

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