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Melissa & Doug Fridge Food Set for Play 扮煮飯仔冷凍食物套裝

Melissa & Doug Fridge Food Set for Play 扮煮飯仔冷凍食物套裝

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Melissa & Doug Fridge Food Set for Play 扮煮飯仔冷凍食物套裝


冷食木製玩具套裝:Melissa & Doug 冰箱食品木製玩具套裝包括孩子們可以在冰箱中找到的物品,如華夫餅、牛奶、冰淇淋、瑞士奶酪、黃油、冷凍蔬菜、橙汁和酸奶。
促進創意表達:Melissa & Doug 冰箱食品套裝有助於促進創意表達,同時教授基本形狀、顏色、單詞和數字識別。


玩具食品從未如此酷!這套木製“冷藏”和“冷凍”食品包裝非常適合存放玩具冰箱和冰櫃。九件手繪作品包括一根黃油、一盒低脂牛奶、一瓶所有產品都有逼真的手繪標籤來提供幫助. 優質實木結構意味著這是一些沒有保質期的冰箱食品。


  • Imported from US
  • The Melissa & Doug Fridge Food Wooden Play Food Set includes items kids can find in a refrigerator like waffles, milk, ice cream, Swiss cheese, butter, frozen vegetables, orange juice, and yogurt.
  • Our play food is made with high-quality wood and features hand-painted artwork.
  • Melissa & Doug fridge food sets help to promote creative expression while teaching basic shapes, colors, words, and number recognition.

Fridge Full of Fun

Play food has never been cooler! This collection of wooden 'refrigerated' and 'frozen' food packages is perfect for stocking play fridges and freezers. The nine hand-painted pieces include a stick of butter, a carton of low fat milk, a bottle of orange juice, a package of bologna, a wedge of Swiss cheese, and a container of yogurt for the refrigerator; and, frozen vegetables, waffles, and a tub of ice cream for the freezer. All have realistic hand-painted labels to help with letter and word recognition, as well as food identification. Quality solid wood construction means this is some fridge food that has no expiration date.

Nourish Cognitive Development

This sturdy and colorful wooden fridge food set will satisfy kids’ hunger for hands-on play and can nourish cognitive development, too! It helps introduce the basics of nutrition, and can be used to teach early reading and number skills, color recognition, sorting, and grouping. The solid wood pieces are perfectly sized for small hands and pretend refrigerators and freezers to help develop motor skills and dexterity. The collection will spur creative play and encourage budding young cooks to explore the kitchen for years to come.

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