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Melissa & Doug Turn & Tell Wooden Learning Clock with Learning Card 木製時鐘教具配有遊戲圖咭

Melissa & Doug Turn & Tell Wooden Learning Clock with Learning Card 木製時鐘教具配有遊戲圖咭

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Melissa & Doug Turn & Tell Wooden Learning Clock with Learning Card 木製時鐘教具配有遊戲圖咭



鐘面有大紅色數字以匹配小時指針,藍色小數字與分鐘指針相匹配, 分段彩色圓盤幫助孩子此認識 "四分之一" 和 "半小時"

數字時鐘” 會自動更改以匹配顯示的模擬時間。


此款學習時鐘非常適合準備學習辨認時間的寶寶,帶有色調柔和的旋轉指針指明它們指向的時間。設計精細的鐘面採用醒目的紅色數字與時針搭配和小巧的藍色數字與分針匹配,還有分段式彩色圓盤,可幫助寶寶識別“15 分鐘”和“30 分鐘”。另外隨附 13 張雙面時間卡片以供練習:將一張卡片放在時鐘頂部的凹槽內,然後將時針移動至適當位置,使其與數字或指針所示時間相匹配。滑開“數字鐘”視窗查看答案!然後將卡片放回始終背部的存儲凹槽內,顯得乾淨利落。

Imported from US

Sturdy “time cards” slot in the top for time-matching activities.

Hideaway digital “clock” automatically changes to match the analog time shown.

Hands move independently–perfect for learning and teaching time.

Promotes hand-eye coordination and concepts of time; encourages abstract thinking, explorative play, and independent learning

Suitable for kids ages 3+

Product Description

Perfect for kids who are ready to learn to tell time, this learning clock features hands that rotate with a gentle click, marking off the minutes as they go. The detailed clock face has large red numbers to match the hour hand, small blue numbers to match the minute hand, and a segmented color disk to help kids visualize “quarter past” and “half past.” Also included are 13 double-sided time cards for practice: Place one in the holder at the top of the clock, then match the numeric or analog time shown by moving the clock hands to their proper position. Slide open the “digital clock” window to check the answer! Then place the cards back in the storage slot at the back of the clock for neat and tidy storage.

From the Manufacturer

From classic wooden toys to crafts, pretend play, and games, Melissa & Doug products provide a launch pad to ignite imagination and a sense of wonder in all children so they can discover themselves, their passions, and their purpose.

Since the company’s founding more than 25 years ago, Melissa & Doug has consistently delivered innovative products that inspire open-ended thinking, encourage kids to see new possibilities, and offer Countless Ways to Play. It’s part of a bigger vision to Take Back Childhood. Because by giving children a true childhood with the space and freedom to explore their world, we give them a path to realizing their full potential!

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