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Mont Marte Poster Paint 250ml x 4pc Pack 廣告彩顏料 250ml4色套裝

Mont Marte Poster Paint 250ml x 4pc Pack 廣告彩顏料 250ml4色套裝

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Mont Marte Poster Paint 250ml x 4pc Pack 廣告彩顏料 250ml4色套裝

可選 Available:
Metallic 金屬色
Bright 明亮色
Fluoro 螢光色

Mont Marte 廣告彩顏料是一種蛋彩畫風格的塗料,非常適合學校學生和藝術團體。 這款精美的油漆具有鮮豔的色彩和啞光效果,可快速乾燥。
金屬色套裝包括 4 種 250 毫升(8.45 盎司)金屬漆 - 金色、銀色、紅色、紫色
明亮色套裝包括 4 x 明亮的 250 毫升(8.45 盎司)顏料 - 檸檬黃、天藍色、洋紅色、黃綠色
螢光套裝包括 4 x 250 毫升(8.45 盎司)塗料 - 熒光粉、熒光紫、熒光橙和熒光綠

Mont Marte's Poster Paint is a tempera styled paint and is ideal for school students and art groups. With vibrant colour and a matte finish this fabulous paint is quick to dry.
Easy to blend and has great opacity
Non toxic and washable
Easy to use with a clever flip top lid
Metallic Set includes 4 x metallic 250ml (8.45oz) paints - Gold, Silver, Red, Purple
Bright Set includes 4 x Bright 250ml (8.45oz) Paints - Lemon Yellow, Cerulean Blue, Magenta, Yellow Green
Fluoro Set includes 4 x 250ml (8.45oz) fluoro paints - Fluoro Pink, Fluoro Purple, Fluoro Orange & Fluoro Green

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