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Morphun Junior Xtra 100 Model 200 Piece Set Tub

Morphun Junior Xtra 100 Model 200 Piece Set Tub

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Morphun Junior Xtra 100 Model 200 Piece Set Tub 幼兒創意建構 200 塊套裝

英國設計 - 波蘭製造
- 榮獲國際大獎的嬰幼兒玩具
- 包含 A3 說明書,
- ASTM 和 EN71 測試。
- 培養創造性遊戲、精細動作技能、手眼協調能力和解決問題的能力
- 兼容其他傳統品牌積木

榮獲國際玩具雙金獎的 Morphun 幼兒套裝具有獨特的側面連接功能,內建於方形和三角形積木中。 套件包括長連接件和方向變換器以及車輪和車軸。 
此套裝僅 200 件,包含 100 多個模型說明 - 套裝中包含 4 個模型說明表,以及用於線上查看其餘 100 個模型的程式碼。

British Design - Made in Poland
-International award winning toys for babies & toddlers
-Included A3 instructions,
-ASTM & EN71 Tested.
-Develop creative play, fine motion skills, hand eye co-ordination & problem solving skills
-Compatible with other traditional brands with studs

The DOUBLE GOLD award winning Morphun Junior Sets have the unique side-joining feature built into both square and triangular bricks. Sets include long connecting pieces and direction changers as well as wheels and axles. Morpun Junior sets make far more models and shapes than competitor sets, with far fewer pieces.
With only 200 pieces this set has over 100 model instructions - 4 model instruction sheets are included in the set plus a code to see the rest of the 100 models online.

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