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Weplay Motor Skill Basic Set 萬象簡易組

Weplay Motor Skill Basic Set 萬象簡易組

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Weplay Motor Skill Basic Set 萬象簡易組

  • 涵蓋爬、走、跑、跳等複合式肢體動作到拋、接、丟、投等手部活動的動 作領域。
  • 幼兒園所可依不同的教學目標,做各種學習情境的規劃,讓孩子體智能得到充分發展。
  • 打破小空間環境的限制,可隨場地大小調整活動路徑,創造最有趣的遊戲空間,得到最大的活動效能。
  • 組合建構變化無窮,好玩好收拾,可全部置於收拾袋中,不佔空間。
  • 質材精良的塑膠材質,堅固耐用,是學前機構必備的動作遊戲器材。
品  號 6800KM2000.1-034
適合年齡 3Y+
商檢字號 M34979
批  號 2101001
商品重量 12.7 KG
包裝尺寸長 62x寬17x高82 (cm)
包裝重量 13 KG


 Product Feature

  1. The motor skill education series is ideal for various age groups and meets the demands for development and theme based exercises.
  2. The components in the Motor Skill Set can be used separately or in combination to provide a platform for children to improve their physical skills.

 Play Value

  1. Suitable for conducting physical movements in limited space, the walk routes could be assembled at will and create different activities.
  2. Using spatial variation and different activities, Motor Skill Universal Set is an ideal obstacle course.
  3. Motor Skill Universal Set helps to develop motor co-ordination, integration and movement planning ability.


  • Storage Bag dimensions: 71 x 83 x 15 cm (L x W x H)
  • Components:
    • Half Brick x 12
    • Brick x 8
    • Hoop (35 cm) x 4
    • Hoop (60 cm) x 4
    • Pole (35 cm) x 16
    • Pole (70 cm) x 8
    • Clip A x 12
    • Clip B x 12
    • Bean Bag x 10
    • Balance Beam x 4
    • Handprint x 6
    • Footprint x 6
  • Materials include: High-quality Plastic, Cotton Fabric, High-grade Synthetic Rubber
  • Country of origin: Taiwan
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