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My First Tools Playset Plush Toy 我的第一個工具毛絨玩具

My First Tools Playset Plush Toy 我的第一個工具毛絨玩具

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Just Because My First Tools Playset Plush Toy  我的第一個工具毛絨玩具

  • 彩色工具箱配有接觸式和閉合式緊固件,可安全存放
  • 四件式玩具組包括:工具箱、鋸紋玩具、扳手吱吱聲玩具和錘子聲音玩具
  • 表面可清洗
  • 0 歲及以上

我的第一個工具箱玩具套裝是一種色彩繽紛、柔軟而現代的方式,適合小拼搭者玩耍和參與觸覺樂趣,並透過不同的聲音和紋理微調運動技能! 這款軟玩具組配有 7.5 吋工具箱,可存放 3 個軟感官玩具:毛絨錘子、扳手吱吱聲和螺絲起子撥浪鼓。 每個聲音玩具都是為了刺激和娛樂小孩而設計的! 就像創新 Play Soft 系列的其他產品一樣,這款 4 件套毛絨玩具套裝包含多種方式,可讓寶寶透過感官遊戲保持參與,鼓勵探索,同時幫助發展靈活性和手眼協調能力。 這款絨毛玩具可機洗,並可懸掛晾乾,方便清潔。 適合 0 歲及以上兒童。 它們在製作時均考慮到嬰兒的安全,是完美的嬰兒送禮會禮物、托兒所和家居裝飾。

  • Colorful tool box complete with touch and close fasteners for secure storage
  • Four-piece playset includes: toolbox, a saw crinkle toy, a wrench squeak toy, and a hammer sound toy
  • Surface-washable
  • Ages 0 and up

The My First Toolbox playset is a colorful, soft and modern way for little builders to play and engage with tactile fun and fine-tune motor skills with different sounds and textures! This soft playset features a 7.5 toolbox which stores 3 soft sensory toys: a plush hammer, a wrench squeaker, and a screwdriver rattle. Each sound toy is designed to stimulate and entertain little ones! Just like the rest of the innovative Play Soft collection, this 4-piece plush playset contains multiple ways to keep baby engaged through sensory play, encouraging exploration while helping develop dexterity and hand-eye coordination. This plush is machine-washable, and can be line-dried for easy cleaning. Appropriate for ages 0 and up. They are all crafted with babys safety in mind and make the perfect baby shower gifts, nursery and home decor.

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