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My Veggie & Fruit Basket Soft Toy 我的蔬菜和水果籃

My Veggie & Fruit Basket Soft Toy 我的蔬菜和水果籃

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Jolly Baby My Veggie & Fruit Basket Soft Toy 我的蔬菜和水果籃

Model: JB2103251BNA | Age 6m+
❤可剝絨毛食物玩具:我們的絨毛食物玩具可以為您的寶寶帶來真實的生活體驗。 我們的學習玩具的魔鬼氈設計可以讓寶寶自己剝果葉,然後將果葉黏回去。 反覆練習可以鍛鍊寶寶的動手能力。 您的寶寶將了解水果的不同特徵。
❤超值籃子:我們的軟玩具食品玩具鮮豔的色彩和3D卡通形象更適合小寶寶的發展需求,豐富他們的想像。 讓寶寶在玩耍的過程中認識水果的名稱、顏色、形狀。
❤ 寶寶的第一個毛絨籃子:柔軟的食物玩具的內芯填充有 PP 棉。 毛絨水果玩具更適合寶寶抓握、捏合。 我們使用最柔軟、最優質的無毒材料。 即使經過反覆清潔,我們的玩具也不會褪色和變形。 這些柔軟的毛絨食品玩具對於您的新生嬰兒、嬰兒或幼兒來說 100% 安全。
❤ 易於存放和清潔:水果籃設計讓您有足夠的空間來存放所有軟質玩具(籃子的手柄可拆卸)。 當遊戲時間結束後,可以鼓勵寶寶將所有水果食物玩具放回籃子裡,這樣可以提高寶寶的收納意識,培養寶寶良好的收納習慣。 當毛絨食品玩具髒了時,只需在室溫下清洗並懸掛晾乾即可。
❤ 給寶寶的完美禮物:在收到的禮物中,這將是寶寶最喜歡的禮物。 My First 毛絨水果籃還可用作 6 個月以上男孩和女孩的聖誕禮物、復活節禮物、迎嬰派對禮物和生日禮物。 購買後如有任何疑問,請立即與我們聯繫。 您的滿意是我們的首要任務! 那你還在等什麼?
❤Peelable Plush Food Toys: Our plush food toys can bring realistic life experience to your baby. The Velcro design of our learning toy allows baby to peel the fruit leaves by himself, and then paste the fruit leaves back. Repeated practice can exercise the baby's hands-on ability. Your baby will learns about the different characteristics of fruits.
❤Super Value Basket: The bright color and 3D cartoon image of our soft play food toys are more suitable for the development needs of young babies and enrich their imagination. Let the baby know the name, color and shape of fruits in the process of playing.
❤Baby's First Plush Basket: The inner core of the soft play food toy is filled with PP cotton. Plush fruit toys are more suitable for babies to grasp and pinch. We use the softest and best quality non-toxic materials. Even after repeated cleaning, our toys will not fade and deform. These soft plush food toys are 100% safe for your newborn baby, baby or toddler.
❤Easy to Storage and Clean: The fruit basket design allows you to have enough space to store all soft play food toys(the handle of the basket is removable). When the game time is over, you can encourage your baby to put all fruit food toys back in the basket, which can improve the baby's storage awareness and cultivate the baby's good storage habits. When the plush food toys are dirty, you just need to clean them at room temperature and hang them to dry.
❤Perfect Gift for Baby & Toddler: Among the gifts received, this will be the baby's favorite gift. My First Plush fruit Basket can also be used as Christmas gifts, Easter gifts, baby shower gifts and birthday gifts for boys and girls over 6 months old. If you have any questions after purchase, please contact us immediately. Your satisfaction is our top priority! So what you wait for?


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