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Niehuis Montessori Animals and Book for The Black Ribbon 蒙特梭利教具- 生物演化史之動物和圖冊

Niehuis Montessori Animals and Book for The Black Ribbon 蒙特梭利教具- 生物演化史之動物和圖冊

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Article number: 069551 Niehuis Montessori Animals And Book For The Black Ribbon 蒙特梭利教具- 生物演化史之動物和圖冊


遊戲介紹:一套大型高品質的塑膠動物,每一種動物附帶一本相關介紹的書。這款產品可配套生物進化史之時間軸一同使用 (貨號 069500)。

This book gives a good overview and explanation of the evolution during a period of 46 billion years. The material includes a selection of plastic prehistoric animals and early humans (not all animals and early humans from the book are included). To make sure the children can lay out the complete evolution as presented in the book, all animals and early humans are printed on thick polypropylene cards. This item is designed for use with the Black Ribbon (Item Number: 069500).


Article number 069500: Niehuis Montessori The Black Ribbon 蒙特梭利教具- 生物進化史之時間軸
A black canvas cloth wrapped around a solid beechwood spool. Can be used for various activities in the classroom such as – creating timelines, evolution of man, periods in history, calendars, the solar system. By rolling out the black cloth and placing items on it, the children create a visualy’history’ of the subject they are studying. Measures: 46 meters. Animals are ordered separately.
Nienhuis Montessori
Minimum age
6 years
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