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Alphabet Learning Locks 字母開鎖遊戲

Alphabet Learning Locks 字母開鎖遊戲

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Alphabet Learning Locks 字母開鎖遊戲

這套綜合套裝包括 26 把鎖和 26 把鑰匙,每把都裝飾有大寫字母,提供互動學習體驗。 孩子們會很高興找到帶有相應小寫字母的正確鑰匙來解鎖鎖,從而促進字母識別和早期識字技能。

這款鎖鑰匙玩具的設計遵循蒙特梭利學習原則,鼓勵獨立玩耍和集中註意力。 當孩子專注於匹配鑰匙和鎖時,他們會提高解決問題的能力,以引人入勝的方式促進認知發展。


適合 3 歲及以上兒童

This comprehensive set includes 26 locks and 26 keys, each adorned with uppercase letters for an interactive learning experience. Children will delight in finding the correct key with the corresponding lowercase letter to unlock the locks, promoting letter recognition and early literacy skills.

Designed with the principles of Montessori learning in mind, this lock and key toy encourages independent play and concentration. Children will sharpen their problem-solving abilities as they focus on matching keys to locks, fostering cognitive development in an engaging manner.

The locks and keys are designed with smooth edges and are sized perfectly for little hands, allowing for comfortable and secure handling.

For children aged 3 and up

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