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Grampus Junior Pommel Horse 兒童跳馬

Grampus Junior Pommel Horse 兒童跳馬

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Grampus Junior Pommel Horse 兒童跳馬



材質: 金屬、PU、海綿

大小: 底座:66*56cm,鞍馬:41*20*21高度:61-86cm,6擋調節

The product features a highly stable X-shaped structure to prevent wobbling and instability. The height can be adjusted through the adjusters on both ends. The pommel horse's interior is made of wood and sponge, while the exterior is wrapped in high-quality PU material. It is designed to enhance students' bouncing ability, arm support strength, balance, coordination, and other aspects. It also helps develop students' mental resilience and fosters a spirit of mutual support and love.

Material: Metal, PU, Sponge

Size: Base: 66*56cm Pommel Horse: 41*20*21cm (Height: 61-86cm, 6 adjustable settings)

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