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Orchard Toys Sound Detectives 聲音小偵探遊戲

Orchard Toys Sound Detectives 聲音小偵探遊戲

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Orchard Toys Sound Detectives 聲音小偵探遊戲

適合 3 歲以上
利用手機應用程式和聲音相結合的遊戲,  聆聽聲音線索並匹配圖片來建立你偵破案件的方向! 具有簡單的遊戲玩法,小朋友會很喜歡 Orchard Toys 的每個有趣遊戲角色

當聽到與您的任何卡片相匹配的聲音時,讓您的偵探更接近抓住厚臉皮的壞人! 第一個到達路徑終點的玩家翻開最後一張牌,露出被抓的小偷並贏得遊戲! 與新的免費 Orchard Toys 應用程式一起使用,可在 App Store 和 Google Play 上取得

內容: 4 個夾具遊戲板 4個偵探棋子 4字立牌 24張聲音線索卡 1 份說明書

Try and catch the robbers in our first combined app and sound game!
Orchard Toys first combined app and sound game
Listen to the sound clues and match the pictures to build your path!
Features simple gameplay and quirky characters your children will love
Suitable for ages 3+
For full functionality on the Orchard Toys app, we recommend you use the latest version of your operating system (OS) available for your phone or tablet

Listen carefully to the sound clues on the app and when you hear a sound that matches any of your cards, move your detective a step closer to catching the cheeky thief! The first player to reach the end of their path turns over the end card to reveal their captured thief and win the game!

Use with the new, FREE Orchard Toys app, available on the App Store and Google Play

4 jigged playing boards
4 detective playing pieces
4 character stands
24 sound clue cards
1 instruction leaflet

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