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Orchard Toys Tell the Time Lotto Game 生活時間表達配對遊戲

Orchard Toys Tell the Time Lotto Game 生活時間表達配對遊戲

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小朋友將在這個有趣的遊戲中了解模擬和數字時間講述!圖卡顯示小朋友的日常生活 - 例如吃早餐和刷牙 - 在模擬和數字時間中,指導小朋友遊戲板上的圖片配對時大聲說這些活動。 小朋友可以分配到四個不同的遊戲板,每個遊戲板都有不同的日常活動。



Children will learn about analogue and digital time telling in this fun lotto game! Cards show everyday activities - such as having breakfast and brushing your teeth - in analogue and digital times, which children are encouraged to say aloud whilst matching to the pictures on their board. There are four boards for players to choose from, each with a different set of daily activities.

For more advanced players, the game can be played by matching digital times to the times on the clock faces on the other side of their board, encouraging recognition of both digital and analogue times.

4 double-sided time boards
24 picture cards
1 instruction leaflet

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