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Orchard Toys The Game of Ladybirds Counting & Matching Game 瓢蟲數量記憶配對遊戲

Orchard Toys The Game of Ladybirds Counting & Matching Game 瓢蟲數量記憶配對遊戲

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Orchard Toys The Game of Ladybirds Counting Game 瓢蟲數量記憶配對遊戲 Product Code-009 Barcode-5011863100016

這是一款可愛的瓢蟲量記憶配對遊戲,小朋友可以配對點數時收集瓢蟲咭學會算數! 小朋友擲骰子,將卡上的點數與骰子上的點數互相匹配,併計算藏在葉子上的瓢蟲。 這款簡單的遊戲使用了經典的骰子,小朋友輪到他們時會喜歡的! 比賽結束時瓢蟲最多的小朋友是贏家。

瓢蟲的遊戲是一款令人期待的遊戲,小朋友興奮地等待著看他們會翻過多少瓢蟲 - 可以是三個...還是零?! 除了將骰子上的數字與卡上的數字相匹配外,小朋友還將獲得更多的數學技能,從而計算所有瓢蟲。


Children will learn to count as they match the spots and collect cute ladybirds in one of Orchard Toys' first ever games! Players must roll the dice, match the spots on the cards to the ones on the dice and count the ladybirds hiding on the leaves. This simple game uses a classic cup and dice, which children will enjoy as they take their turn! The player with the most ladybirds at the end of the game is the winner.

Game of Ladybirds is a game of anticipation, where players wait with excitement to see how many ladybirds they will turn over - could it be three...or zero?! As well as matching the number on the dice to the number on the cards, players will gain additional maths skills from counting all their ladybirds up at the end.

24 ladybird cards
1 dice
1 instruction leaflet

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