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Orchard Toys Times Tables Heroes Board Game 乘法英雄棋盤遊戲

Orchard Toys Times Tables Heroes Board Game 乘法英雄棋盤遊戲

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Orchard Toys Times Tables Heroes Board Game 乘數英雄棋盤遊戲 Product Code-101 Barcode-5011863000941

這個有趣的乘法遊戲將幫助孩子們從2-12開始練習他們的乘數表。 這款遊戲包含兩個遊戲比賽 - 英雄城市棋盤遊戲和乘法賓果遊戲 - 運用乘法將充滿樂趣!

在英雄城市棋盤遊戲中,孩子們通過旋轉指示器並解決乘法總和來繞過遊戲板。 如果一個玩家登上盾牌廣場,他們必須利用自己的想像力來幫助他們的超級英雄解救災難 - 他們需要擊敗邪惡的獨角獸,超越殭屍,甚至逃脫巨大的怪物。 Times Tables Heroes 還包括彩色時乘數表檢查器,可以在遊戲中或外部使用,以擴展學習。

另一款玩法,玩家可以將遊戲板反轉進行快節奏的乘法賓果遊戲! 使用棋盤遊戲中的卡片和旋轉指示器,第一個連續獲得3的玩家勝出。 

Times Tables Heroes旨在幫助父母和孩子為乘法表(MTC)做準備,乘法表(MTC)在2020年6月是英國兒童教育的全國性強制性課程。


This fun multiplication game will help children practise their times tables from 2-12. With two games in one - Hero City board game and Multiplication Bingo - times table practise will be filled with fun!

In the Hero City Board Game players move around the board by spinning the spinners and solving multiplication sums. If a player lands on a shield square they have to use their imaginations to help their superhero defeat the disaster - they'll need to defeat the evil unicorns, outwit the zombies or even escape the giant slugs! Times Tables Heroes also includes a colourful times tables checker, which can be used with or outside of the game to extend learning.

When the game is finished players can turn over the board for a fast paced game of Multiplication Bingo! Using the cards and spinners from the board game, players race to be the first to get 3 in a row. This will be especially helpful for encouraging children to recall their times tables quickly.

Times Tables Heroes is designed to help parents and children prepare for the multiplication tables check (MTC), which is compulsory nationwide in primary schools for children in Year 4 from June 2020.

1 jigged double-sided board
21 shield cards
4 character playing pieces
4 character stands
3 spinner boards
3 two-part plastic spinners
1 times tables checker
4 superhero reference cards
1 instruction leaflet

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