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Metallic Paper 金屬箔鏡板紙

Metallic Paper 金屬箔鏡板紙

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Metallic Paper 金屬箔鏡板紙

金屬箔鏡板紙採用優質材料,顏色鮮豔的金屬卡片紙不會隨著時間的推移而褪色。  這些箔紙可以切割、折疊和粘貼。

非常適合婚禮、派對、聖誕節、節日、舞台、背景、牆壁和DIY 手工藝品等。也適用於家庭和辦公室裝飾、包裝、剪貼簿、工藝愛好、玩具、卡片製作、學校項目和其他裝飾用途全新和高品質。

Metallic Foil Mirror Board Sheets Paper Features  Quality material, pretty bright colored metallic cardstocks sheets won’t fade over time. ? These foil paper sheet can be cut, folded and pasted. 

Great for wedding, party, Christmas, holiday, stage, background, wall and DIY handcrafts etc. Also for home and office decorations, packaging, scrapbooking, craft hobbies, toys, card making, school projects and other decorative uses brand new and high quality.

Specifications Material: Foil Metallic Paper 

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