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Origami Paper 50 Colours 15 x 15 cm 100 Pcs Set 雙面彩色折紙

Origami Paper 50 Colours 15 x 15 cm 100 Pcs Set 雙面彩色折紙

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摺紙 50 色 15 x 15cm 100 件套 Origami Paper 50 Colours 15 x 15 cm 100 Pcs Set 

- 彩色摺疊
- 雙面彩色紙
- 適合手工藝品用
- 適合初學者、成人和兒童的摺紙套裝
- 適合DIY工藝品

100張摺紙紙15 x 15厘米,包含50色彩紙採用100%新鮮木漿製成,環保無味,不褪色,顏色均勻,無紙粉,無異味。 不傷手,使用方便。 紙張雙面同色,每種顏色2張,牛皮紙粉紅色/紅色/翠綠/橙色/藏紅花黃/藍色/淺綠/淺/紅/淺紫/淺黃/淺藍等多種多種顏色供您選擇。

易於折疊,彩色紙厚度合適且抗撕裂。 即使反覆折疊,折疊邊緣也不會磨損,顏色/塗層也不會鬆動,折疊起來輕鬆方便,還能很好地抑制皺紋並保持其形狀。

彩色手工紙:15 x 15 公分折疊紙適合折疊許多東西,非常適合簡單或中等重量的模型。 例如鶴、動物、鮮花、摺紙船、紙飛機、玫瑰、生日心形或鮮花。 彩色紙除了可以用於摺紙之外,還可以用於簡單的剪紙、工藝品、DIY 藝術、工藝項目和繪圖紙。

適用人群:摺紙套裝兒童、成人、初學者和愛好者都可以使用。 它非常適合摺紙課程、需要優質摺紙的教師和學生。 摺紙可以讓父母和孩子遠離手機、電腦和電視。 家長可以和孩子一起玩完成這個摺紙,可以促進與孩子的溝通,並改善親子關係。

摺紙套裝可以幫助孩子認識顏色,也能促進想像力、協調性、思考和創造力,讓孩子創造自己的快樂。 折疊紙也有助於提高孩子的實踐能力和認知能力。 除了孩子,大人也需要它,我們可以放鬆,從工作和生活的壓力中解脫出來。

- Colourful Folding Paper Set
- Double-Sided Craft Paper Set
- Coloured Paper for Crafts
- Origami Set for Beginners, Adults & Children,
- DIY Arts and Crafts

50 colours colourful paper: 100 sheets origami paper 15 x 15 cm, 50 colours coloured paper is made of 100% fresh wood pulp, is environmentally friendly and odourless, no fading, uniform colour, no paper powder and no bad smell. No hand injury, easy to use. The same colour on both sides of the paper, 2 sheets of each colour, craft paper pink/red/emerald/orange/saffron yellow/blue/light green/light/red/light purple/light yellow/light blue etc. A variety of colours for your choice.
Easy to fold and crease: coloured paper is the right thickness and is tear-resistant. Folded edges do not fray or colour/coating does not loosen even after repeated folding, it can be folded easily and conveniently, also holds wrinkles well and retains its shape.
Colourful paper for crafting: folding sheets 15 x 15 cm is suitable for folding many things, very suitable for simple or medium-weight models. Examples include cranes, animals, flowers, origami boats, paper planes, roses, birthday hearts or flowers. Coloured paper can be used in addition to origami, also for easy paper cutting, crafts, DIY art, craft projects and drawing paper.
Applicable people: origami set can be used by children, adults, beginners and hobbyists. It is perfect for origami lessons, teachers and students who need great origami paper. Origami can keep parents and children away from mobile phones, computers and TVs. Parents can play with their children to complete this origami, which can promote communication with children and improve parent-child relationship.
Develop creativity: craft paper set can help children recognise colours, and can also promote imagination, coordination, thinking and creativity, so that children can create their own happiness. Folding paper also helps to improve children's practical and cognitive skills. In addition to children, adults also need it, we can relax and free from pressure of work and life.

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