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Toddler Trampoline 幼兒蹦床

Toddler Trampoline 幼兒蹦床

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Toddler Trampoline 幼兒蹦床


適合 3-6 歲 小朋友使用,拉力繩彈簧,織網蹦床更軟質安全,保護孩子的腳腕,蹬踏感更舒適,可挑戰較高難度動作,鍍鋅管材質,拼插介面安裝方便,內套方形腳不搖晃更穩定。加厚的黃色海綿保護套讓四周更安全,可以進行各種蹦床舞蹈訓練和彈跳訓練,促進身體骨骼發育。


直徑 90 * 高22cm

This trampoline is suitable for ages 3-6. It features tension rope springs and a woven mesh surface, providing a softer and safer jumping experience while protecting children's ankles. The trampoline offers a comfortable rebound and allows for challenging higher difficulty movements. It is made of galvanized steel pipes and has convenient interlocking interfaces for easy installation. The inner square legs ensure stability without wobbling. The thick yellow sponge protective cover enhances safety and allows for various trampoline dance and bouncing exercises, promoting the development of the skeletal system.

Meterial: Metal + PVC

Size: D90 * H22cm

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