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Plastic Stackable Classroom Chair (MOQ 5 Pcs) 塑膠可疊放教室椅 (5張起訂)

Plastic Stackable Classroom Chair (MOQ 5 Pcs) 塑膠可疊放教室椅 (5張起訂)

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Plastic Stackable Classroom Chair 塑膠可疊放教室椅 

- 塑膠可疊放教室椅 塑膠可疊放教室椅

- 非常適合教室、日間照顧中心或家庭學校

- 鼓勵正確的坐姿; 椅子顏色有助於促進兒童早期發育

- 由耐用塑膠製成; 波浪外形的座椅和靠背提供支撐性和坐感舒適

- 可堆疊設計確保節省儲存空間; 室內使用; 用濕布擦拭乾淨

- 1 年有限保固

彩色椅子對您的孩子很有吸引力,並且更容易讓他們玩耍或學習。 每張椅子都有一個模壓座椅,靠背通風,營造出自然、舒適的氛圍。

符合人體工學的位置和光滑的圓形邊緣確保安全。 這款椅子套裝採用防褪色、堅固無毒 PE 塑膠製成的一件式設計,不會破裂、碎裂或剝落。

堆疊設計 - 這些重型穩定的椅子還具有甜美的設計,可讓您一一堆疊在一起。 您的孩子也可以自己做,以訓練他們的整理能力。 輕巧的設計讓小朋友在清理時幫助抬起東西變得很有趣。 方便存放,節省空間或運輸!

大容量 - 每把椅子的容量為 154 磅,堅固的腿呈一定角度以減少傾翻,這使其在長期使用時異常穩定和耐用。 這套椅子可用於零食、建築、手工和學習活動。 適合任何房間!


- Ideal for a classroom, daycare center or home-school
- Encourages proper sitting manners; chair color can help promote early childhood development
- Made of durable plastic; contoured seat and back for supportive, sitting comfort
- Stack-able design ensures space-saving storage; for indoor use; wipes clean with a damp cloth
- 1-year limited warranty

Colorful Chair is attractive to your kids and easier for them to play or learn. Each chair features a molded seat with vented back for a natural and ergonomic position and smooth rounded edges for safety. One piece design with fade-resistant, solid non-toxic PE plastic, this chairs set will not crack, chip or peel.

Stacking Design - These heavy duty and stable chairs also have a Sweet design that allows you to stack one by one together. Your kids can also do it by themselves to train their sort out ability. The lightweight design makes it fun for little ones to help lift during clean-up time. Convenient to store for space saving or transport!

Large Capacity - With the capacity of 154 lbs of each chair, the strong legs are angled to reduce tipping which makes it extraordinarily stable and durable for a very long period of using. This chairs set can be used for snacks, building, crafts and learning activities. Perfect for any room!

No Assembly Required.

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