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Play Parachute for Kid 彩虹降落傘

Play Parachute for Kid 彩虹降落傘

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Play Parachute for Kid 彩虹降落傘

Each handles spaced evenly around for group play (Teach turn-taking and cooperation)
Promotes cooperative group play while helping to build muscles, encourages cooperative play while building upper-body strength
Reinforced mesh center allows ample airflow. Recommended Age:2+
Great at birthday parties and picnics(indoor or outdoor play)
High-quality, durable polyester taffeta fabric with reinforced web handles.


Parachute is perfect for birthday parties, picnics, community events and more. Simply un-fold the parachute from the provided carry-bag and let the fun begin. Sturdy handles along the edges allow children to easily grip the edge. Promotes cooperative group play while helping to build muscles. There are over 100 different games a child can play using these parachutes. Develops perceptual, cognitive, motor and academic skills. A must have item for every child.

There are many games you can play with a parachute. The followings are some examples:

Popcorn - Place a number of beanbags, small balls, or cotton balls onto the parachute. Shake to make them pop up like "popcorn".

Making Waves - Children can make small, medium, or large movements to make various types of "waves" around the parachute.

Merry-Go-Round - Children turn their bodies sideways and hold the chute with one hand. They then walk around in a circle, making a "Merry-Go-Round." For variety, children can hop, skip, jump, etc.

Switch - Call out a birthday month, age or a pre-assigned color and have children swap places under the parachute before it falls.

Mushroom - Standing, lift the parachute waist height. Count to three - with "one" and "two" being small practice lifts. On three, all lift the chute overhead, and crouch down pulling the parachute edges down as well. This creates what looks like a "mushroom."

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